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You want to do good meaningfully yet are strapped for time and energy.

Our residents yearn to have more friends visit and just chat.

We're here to connect the dots so you can give with greater impact.

What do our residents want?

In a mini survey, we asked some of our residents what activities they liked and we found they each had different interests – some liked painting and music, others relished a good hair cut and shopping. But there was one thing every resident said they’d love to do. And that’s talking with someone.

More often than not, we observe volunteers doing a lot with our residents. But seldom do they simply pull a chair and have a conversation. Language barriers, lack of knowledge on how to approach a senior and impatience are partly to blame.

Maybe even imagination, or the lack thereof.

So we drew up a list of projects that:

  • Took into account residents' and volunteers' interests,
  • Are less of a one-off visit and more of a regular drop-in,
  • Allow you get to co-work with residents on specific projects. 

This gives both parties the chance to really get to know one another. Hopefully, over time, acquaintances will become friends and then volunteering becomes more of a way for you to show concern about your pal. That's when you know you’ve really given back.

Do take the time to go through each of the following sections so as to be sure that this is what you’d like to do. When you’re finally ready, talk to us to see how we can best craft your impact giving journey.







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