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How can we proactively change the ageing narrative?

Intergenerational programmes Singapore St Joseph's Home

Research presented at the Alzheimer's Disease International 2020

At St Joseph's Home, we believe in adding life to days. Hence, services and programmes are crafted to nurture our residents emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.

One of the ways we do this is by engaging residents through the arts. We are pleased to share the research findings released at this year's worldwide Alzheimer's Disease International.

Improvisation drama reminiscence dementia

Improvisation Drama for People with Dementia

How can reminiscence activities, with roots in social work, and improvisation, a common practice for actors, be effectively combined? Would the result be meaningful for residents  with dementia?

St Joseph's Home presents Singapore's first reminiscence improvisation drama as therapy for people with dementia. Initial research has found promising results.

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A Case Study

Observations gathered from the two-years project on improvisation drama for people with dementia:

  • Promotes residents' interaction with the immediate environment
  • Ignites one's cognitive, emotional and sensory awareness
  • Encouraged creative self-expression
  • Empowered and built self-confidence

The programme methodology offered opportunities for residents to choose between sharing a personal story and indulging in pretend-play. It is also a suitable medium to connect a mixed group of residents with varying drama experience.

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Improvisational drama reminiscence dementia
Art therapy intergenerational programmes Singapore

Impact of Intergenerational Programmes

Being Singapore's first shared site for a nursing home and infant and childcare centre, St Joseph's Home found first-hand that intergenerational relationships have the potential to promote life satisfaction and quality of life in both the young and old. It also offers opportunities to inculcate good behaviors and values in our young children.

St Joseph's Home released a paper on an intergenerational expressive arts programme (IGEAP) at this year's Alzheimer's Disease International.

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St Joseph's Home therapists and teachers have found that using intentional intergenerational programmes have tremendous benefits, including:

  1. Positive dyadic relationships were formed
  2. Residents with dementia expressed warmth and concern to the young children
  3. There was active participation
  4. Young children grew more comfortable in hugging and sharing their art with residents

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Art therapy Intergenerational programmes Singapore St Joseph's Home

There is a research gap in effective design and sustainability of IGP in nursing homes in Singapore. We are excited to engage in further research on the structure and sustainability of innovative arts-based IGP.