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When you give, you don't just part with your dollars and cents.

You make a stand about the need to look after our elders better.

Want to change the way we age? It starts right here.

When you give to St Joseph’s Home, you’re not just meeting the nutritional needs or day-to-day requirements of our residents and staff.

You’re also helping to forge a new narrative on how we should come together to look after our elders, especially those who cannot take care of themselves anymore or who don’t have any family to support them.

Because before these seniors arrived, they were once active and independent. And many of them still feel that way even though their bodies disagree. So why should coming to a care home or being in a wheelchair change the way they live their later years?

And why should we outsource care to others when the responsibility is on us to support our seniors the way we’d like to be supported when we grow older?

When you give, you make your voice heard. About the need to redefine the way we think about ageing and what it means to look after our elders well.

If you could like to make an in-kind donation, please read on...

Listed below are the items we need all year round. You may donate any of these and leave them with our front desk officers between Mondays and Sundays, 9am - 9pm. This list is updated regularly so do check back for the latest.

Just as we want the best for our loved ones and friends, here at St Joseph's Home, we too want the best for our residents and staff. So kindly note:

  1. not to donate items close to their expiry dates (i.e. 1 month of less)
  2. not to donate things which you would not give to your families and friends
  3. to refrain from donating items not in the list below to avoid wastage


  1. Biscuits - Assorted
  2. Bread Sliced Loaf
  3. Coffee 3-in-1
  4. Cooking Oil
  5. Cordial - any flavour
  6. Egg
  7. Fruit Jam
  8. Fungus - Black
  9. Fungus - White
  10. Ikan Bilis Small
  11. Ikan Bilis Medium
  12. Kaya - Bread Spread
  13. Kopi O
  14. Kopi O Kosong
  15. Luncheon Meat
  16. Milk Anlene Powder
  17. Milk Condensed
  18. Milk Evaporated
  19. Milk UHT
  20. Milo Powder
  21. Milo 3-in-1
  22. Osyter Sauce
  23. Peanuts - for soup
  24. Rice
  25. Sardines Canned
  26. Sesame Oil
  27. Shrimp Dried Med
  28. Silver Fish
  29. Soya Sauce Dark
  30. Soya Sauce Light
  31. Sugar Fine
  32. Sugar Rock
  33. Sugar Sachet
  34. Teh 3-in-1

If you could like to donate previously used / excess items that you may have (e.g. wheelchairs, beds, unused milk feeds), please send pictures of the item(s) to for us to see if we have use for it / them.


Choose Your Recipients

It takes a village and a variety of programmes to enable our seniors to feel physically, socially and emotionally supported. Find out how your funds will be put to use for your preferred donation recipient here.

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Group Giving

Giving is much more fun when done in a group. Don’t have a group giving strategy yet? Let us help you get started.

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Take Charge

Want to give but not in traditional ways? Be inspired by these ideas.

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