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Join us in championing better family eldercare.

Keen to champion better family eldercare?

At St Joseph’s Home, our work is not just about making sure our residents get their three meals and one shower a day. It’s also about meeting their psychological, social and spiritual needs, regardless of their health status and physical ability. This means focusing on them as whole persons and not just their body parts. It also means coming together as a team to care for and support our residents and one another.

In short, we’re like family.

Work is thus not routine or mundane but challenging, inspiring and at times humorous. Sure, it can get a little tough sometimes. But as with all families, we work through the difficult moments and emerge stronger. No matter what role you play, you’re never too small or unimportant to make a difference. Because it’s not just better care we’re championing, but better family care that comes from the heart.

For our employees, we strive to offer a compensation package that’s as competitive as organisations within and outside the eldercare sector. Because we focus on indicators such as care outcomes, resident satisfaction and safety, you can expect to derive greater meaning and purpose from your role no matter what it is.



(1) Executive, Volunteer Management

Our volunteers come in as friends, with no KPIs and no regimen for residents to follow, except to spend quality time with each other. Once they’re in, they bring a little bit of the outside world into the home, thus keeping residents connected to the community and feeling purposeful.

Your role as an executive overseeing volunteer management is thus a crucial one. Apart from recruiting and screening potential new volunteers to ensure the right fit, you will support them in their journey to become good friends and great project facilitators in their respective projects with the residents. You will also explore ways to help volunteers grow personally and professionally (e.g. as volunteer leaders) so as to enhance their giving experience. Periodic project reviews and volunteer assessments will need to be carried out as assigned.

We’re going big on volunteers as part of the home’s push to re-write the story on ageing. Because future seniors are not going to be content with just bingo, table top games and the odd live performance by a group that visits only yearly. They’ll want on-trend pop-up cafes, digital interest groups and arts festivals all year round.

This is thus a really exciting time and opportunity for you to inspire impactful collaboration, kickstart new projects and ultimately, enable better care with and for our seniors in nursing homes.

Key Roles and Responsibilities:

Effectively conduct the following processes – outreach, screen, match, recruit, orientate, train, deploy, develop and assess all volunteers

Develop volunteer projects beneficial and of interest to both residents and volunteers and prepare all required supporting materials (e.g. description of the roles and responsibilities, purchase of materials needed for project if applicable).

Manage the projects, facilitate interaction among volunteers and residents and support volunteers, all the while working towards helping the volunteers become independent leaders of their respective projects

Conduct information sessions, orientation and training workshops for volunteers and search for suitable partners to conduct these sessions or similar courses to enhance volunteers’ giving experience

Evaluate projects and prepare progress reports as necessary to ensure continued project effectiveness


– Thrives in a fast-paced, ambiguous environment

– Calm and able to think and function under stressful situations

– Able to interact with people of all ages, from adolescents to elders

– Able to multi-task and work with tight deadlines.

– Strong attention to detail

– Creative and open to experimentation

Other Requirements:

– Minimum degree in any discipline

– At least 1 year experience managing volunteers and projects (understands budgets, timelines and resource management)

– Preferably well-versed in social / new media

– Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing

– Willingness to work weekends to accommodate the needs of volunteers

To apply for the above position, please email us at with your resume and why you would like to take up this position. 


(2) Trainer (Gym Tonic) 

Key Roles and Responsibilities:

–          Assist to conduct assessment and gap analysis in strengthening muscle and body conditions

–          Assist to define the types of exercises in a gym-based environment to safe and effective routines

–          Conduct physical exercises and group training programme

–          Assist in handling administration and planning



Diploma / Higher NITEC in sports science / management

At least  1 – 2 years’ relevant experience

Physical fitness

First aid / CPR / AED certified


To apply for the above position, please email us at with your resume and expected salary.


(3) Staff Nurse

Caregiving is tough no matter if you’re a formal (junior nurse) or informal (family member) caregiver. That’s why the role of the staff nurse is so crucial to ensuring that caregivers receive the support they need. Your role will be to nurture the next generation of caregivers so that they can in turn care for their charges / loved ones without themselves losing steam or feeling lost. 

Key Roles and Responsibilities:

Under the supervision of the Nurse Manager and Director of Nursing, the Staff Nurse is responsible for:

–          Supervising junior nurses with hands-on clinical experience


–          Diploma in Nursing, Singapore Nursing Board-registered and with valid practising certificate

–          2 – 3 years nursing experience


(4) Enrolled Nurse

The enrolled nurse provides crucial support to the staff nurses in clinical matters and also sees to resident care to ensure they get the care according to their needs.

Key Roles and Responsibilities

Reporting to the Staff Nurse, the Enrolled Nurse is responsible for:

–          Assisting the Staff Nurse in supervisory and clinical work


–          NITEC in nursing, Singapore Nursing Board-registered and with a valid practising certificate

–          1 year nursing experience


(5) Resident Care Assistants

For many of our residents, activities of daily living such as going to the toilet or taking a shower pose a challenge. This is where the resident care assistant comes in to provide that pivotal support so that residents can continue living their lives. While supporting our residents is also part of the role of the other staff, it is the RCAs who  act as that all important bridge to bring our residents closer to the feeling of being able to lead a normal life.

Key Roles and Responsibilities:

–          Assist residents with their activities of daily living such as eating, showering and provide other services to meet the physical and emotional needs of residents.

–          Assist nursing staff to administer basic procedures related to resident care and despatching duties

–          On-the-job training will be provided


–          NITEC / N level


For all the above roles, the following are also required: 

–          You need to be a patient person with seniors and are passionate about championing better eldercare

–          You’re equally at home with working in a team as you are on your own

–          You understand the need to care not only for the physical health of our residents but of their emotional health and general well-being


For positions (3) to (5), kindly email us at or call the HR department at 6268 0482 to schedule a phone chat.