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For almost 40 years, St Joseph’s Home has been caring for our elders including the dying. Now that we're back in Jurong West with bigger and better facilities, we will continue to care for them while staying true to our philosophy of regarding every resident as a Person, not Patient. Our relocation also presents a fresh opportunity for us to redefine the way we look after our elders and to forge a new narrative in ageing with the community. We are working hard to make that change and hope you will join us on this exciting journey!

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Whats' New

What do people with sundowning get up to?

21 Sept 2018 | They came, they learnt and they walked. Some 12 kilometres to raise funds and awareness for persons with dementia and who experience sundowning. How did our first charity fundraiser go?

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Overnight respite service Dusk-to-Dawn resumes

May 2018 | For up to three weekday nights a week, caregivers of persons with dementia can send their loved ones to us for our nurses to engage with them while caregivers get their much needed rest.

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The Story of St Joseph's Home

12 July 2018 | What would the future of ageing be like? We tried to imagine this as we redeveloped  our home to be a space close to nature and children while staying relevant to the needs and aspirations of our elders today and tomorrow. Is this how you imagine it to be too?

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Our Stories

August 2018

8 things you didn't know about St Joseph's Home

How did St Joseph's Home come to be? What does a death doula do? Who's the newest kid on the STJH block? Witness our transformation over the last 40 years in our special commemorative magazine.

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May 2018 

Need help with Junior?

May 2018 | Come take a look at our new infant and childcare service that offers your child all the benefits of regular infant / childcare plus additional interaction time with Aunty Wong and Grandpa Fernandez.

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29 May 2018

Going Live in 5!

We were thrilled to be invited to Susan Ng's live chat show on 938 NOW to share more about our infant and childcare centre and how it's been a dream come true. Now time for the hard work...

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